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Stream Real-time Manufacturing Data

Stream Real-time data from your production floor utilizing MT Connect, RS232 or PLC monitoring software developed by Wellstronics Inc.


How could Real Time Data Streaming help your business?

At Wellstronics, we have developed proprietary software that streams Real Time Data from your production floor to your website. This software allows users to see live snapshots of important production data such as machine part counts, average production rates, average cycle times, setup times, tool changes, machine alarms, machine utilization, alarm codes along with many other items.

This software gives you the tools to effectively manage your production floor so users (floor managers, owners, setup personnel, engineers) can make intelligent business decisions on how to become more efficient and in turn, generate higher profits. To see how this software can improve your efficiencies and to review the potential return on investment, please contact us today.

Inquiry Information

If streaming real-time data has peaked your interest, please contact us to set-up a demonstration. We can demonstrate our software at a facility in Ramsey, MN.

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